‘Those Ain’t Moon Rocks’: Cocaine Found at NASA Space Center


Since the advent of space travel, kids have wanted nothing more than to be astronauts. Now kids may really want to be astronauts, without knowing exactly why. The AP (via Huffington Post) reports that 4.2 grams of cocaine were discovered at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This would explain why NASA engineers edited out Neil Armstrong’s real first words upon walking on the moon: a 14-minute ramble about why AC/DC’s music didn’t suffer when Bon Scott joined the group.

(We know the moon landing was in 1969 and that Bon Scott joined AC/DC in ’74. It’s a joke).

This isn’t the first time cocaine has been discovered at Kennedy Space Center; a small amount was found in the hangar that houses the space shuttle Discovery in January 2010. The presence of the narcotic explains why the shuttle was able to launch into orbit last month without the aid of rockets or fuel, but rather by the astronauts’ sheer will to get to the International Space Station in order to have a smoke.

NASA spokesman Allard Beutel refused to say where the most recent batch of cocaine was found. It is unknown whether or not he gave out the number of NASA’s guy.

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