Corrupt Carl Kruger’s Crony Michael Levitis to Star in Brighton Beach Version of Jersey Shore


We warned last year that Jersey Shore could be coming to Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach, with Russian-Americans instead of Italian-Americans, but now the plot has become juicier. Michael Levitis, a confessed criminal, but also a lawyer and the owner of a nightclub called Rasputin, is set to star in Lifetime’s Brighton Beach, just as Levitis’s crimes are coming back into focus thanks to the long-awaited arrest of New York State Senator Carl Kruger on corruption and bribery charges. Kruger has long been said to have “Russian secrets” — Levitis is one.

Levitis confirmed to the Brooklyn blog Sheepshead Bites that the show would focus partially on his family and club, despite recently pleading guilty to investigators, who taped Levitis telling a local business owner that Senator Kruger would help him in exchange for a lucrative campaign fundraiser. Kruger stands charged of accepting over $1 million in bribes.

According to Sheepshead Bites, Lifetime, which will air Brighton Beach, claims “they will produce a family-style show, featuring a multi-generational story focusing on mother-daughter relationships of Russian women, their lifestyle, dating, partying, and experiences working in Brighton Beach.”

But you know what would really spice things up? A crooked, anti-gay politician who is actually living with his male lover, all while being the subject of a years-long FBI investigation. Reality TV! You can’t make this stuff up.