Eater Launches Sound Bites, New Cooking and Music Feature


Eater has inaugurated a new feature called “Sound Bites,” in which a visual video recipe as prepared by a celebrity chef is paired with an indie-rock song — and the two go together like peanut butter and jelly.

In the first installment Michael Laiskonis, pastry chef of Le Bernadin, prepares his dessert called simply “Citrus,” while the Pittsburgh band Ennui croons in the background. They sound kind of like early Strokes, while Laiskonis’s dessert gels something like gussied-up lemon squares.

Who wants to make recipes all the time? Watching someone cook is often more fun than doing it yourself, and listening to music you’ve never heard before is doubly good. This Ennui song is so new, my Shazam couldn’t identify it. (Or maybe that’s because I refused the fee-bearing upgrade.) Really, I’d rather have a video/music pairing than a food/wine pairing in many instances.

Michael Laiskonis, “Citrus” from Eater NY on Vimeo.