Jeffrey’s Promises To Reopen Today


Curious passersby peer in the window of Jeffrey’s, trying to figure out what’s going on inside.

On Monday, Eater reported that Jeffrey’s — Gabe Stulman’s second of three Sheraton Square restaurants — would be closing for two days to accomplish a kitchen refurbishment.

Apparently, the kitchen was outfitted with a single induction burner and a toaster, which was sufficient for the minimal menu that the place had undertaken. Not long ago, part of the grocery was eighty-sixed in favor of more tables, and one can only imagine that this is part of the process of transforming the space into a more ambitious restaurant.

The art in the window says as much via coy notes and a storyboard that begs to be deciphered, or at least meta-interpreted. See what you can do with it.

Anyway, we’re sitting on the edge of our chairs to see if it really reopens on sked!

Today will be the day! According to the front door.

The text reads, in part: “We love you here. We are making your life better. In 2 days we will feed you, dine you, & drink you. In grand untold ways.”

“Deep in the heart of Little Wisco …” (Click on the image if you want to read the whole nutty thing.)