March Madness Day 2: Obama Makes His Picks, Biden’s Bookie Won’t Accept His


ESPN released Barack Obama’s March Madness bracket today, along with a video of the president making his picks. Depending on your political leanings, you think this is either a lighthearted exercise showing that the president is a normal guy, or a potentially catastrophic waste of time while America crumbles from within. (Also, he’s so quick to produce his bracket — where’s the birth certificate?) Obama has all the top seeds making it to the Final Four, with Kansas beating Ohio State for the national championship. Do these conservative picks mean he will shy away from socially progressive issues? Is he trying to woo two battleground states ahead of the 2012 election? Are we really attempting to surmise substantial information from something called “Barack-Etology?”

Lest we forget there were (play-in) games last night! UNC-Asheville took down Arkansas-Little Rock in the first (play-in) game of the tournament. The Bulldogs of UNC-Asheville won in overtime of a genuinely exciting (play-in) contest, 81-77.

The Trojans will return to Little Rock with their heads held high, however, as they can now brag to their classmates that they got to see downtown Dayton.

Clemson took down Alabama-Birmingham 70-52. It was pretty boring, so instead of highlights, we’re going to show you a clip of The Fonz being really cool:

There is more sizzling-hot basketball action tonight on truTV, home of Las Vegas Jailhouse and Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock. At 6:30 p.m., Texas-San Antonio takes on Alabama State. At 9 p.m. USC battles Virginia Commonwealth. Well, “battles” isn’t 100 percent accurate, they’ll just be playing basketball. Should be a good (play-in) game, though!

CELEBRITY ALUMNI WATCH: Will USC’s all-time most famous and beloved alumnus, Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray, be in attendance? Tune in and find out!

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