New York Post’s ‘Unluckiest Traveler’ Seems Pretty Damn Lucky, Actually


The New York Post has found a man, 24-year-old Jason Gordon, whom they dub “the unluckiest traveler” in the entire world. This is based on several pieces of evidence, including: 1) He was once on a 16-hour flight from Los Angeles to New York that included a seven-hour stint on the tarmac during which potato chips had to be rationed. 2) He was on a stuck Amtrak train between Baltimore and Philly for eight hours. 3) He was in Tokyo during the 9.0 magnitude earthquake (where it “felt like a 6.0”). How lucky! He didn’t even have his fanny pack stolen!

No insult to Gordon, those do seem like instances one might bitch heartily about, particularly the first two. But in light of thousands dead and missing in Japan (yes, we are going to go there, because they did) and possible, imminent nuclear meltdown, highlighting the safe-but-annoying travel misadventures of an American law student who spent six weeks in Tokyo that happened to coincide with the quake (and whose parents, concerned about radiation, instructed him to leave ASAP, which he did) seems a little…tone-deaf. Really? This guy is the unluckiest traveler, in the entire world?

The good news:

Safe at home in Los Angeles, [Gordon] says that despite his experiences, he does not expect to become an agoraphobic.

Thank you, New York Post.

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