Sad Japanese Cat Is Reportedly Safe!


Yesterday we posted an image of a cat in Japan that seemed to be just hanging on with the most heart-wrenching of expressions above what we, given the timing, interpreted as tsunami water. We would like to correct ourselves. It turns out that the photo, which had been reblogged by WNYC’s Transmitter from another Tumblr, Nikki-Meow, has a date on it that — as some of our commenters pointed out — indicates it may have been taken pre-tsunami.

According to WNYC,

UDPATE 3/16, 12:15 pm: This photo is a screen grab from a Japanese TV show called “Wake Up,” showing a white and grey cat clinging to a tuft of grass just above a water line.

We reblogged the photo from another Tumblr, believing it to be a scene resulting from last week’s earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

Among so many dramatic images coming from Japan, something in the cat’s expression and predicament seemed to go to the heart of people watching the devastation there. Many people contacted us to find out if that cat was safe. So we started checking.

What we’ve found is that while the photo was taken in the disaster zone in Japan, the date on the photo reveals that it was taken on the 9th of an unidentified month. If the date is correct, it may mean that the photo was actually taken before last week’s earthquake. We have been unable to confirm the exact date that the photo was taken.

The best news comes next:

However, a contact in Japan was able to turn up a web report about the image that said the cat had been rescued by a city employee and is in safe protective custody.

We’re hoping for the best for everyone who’s been affected by the disaster in Japan.

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