Smoking Ban Coming to NYC Apartments?


The New York City smoking ban is spreading steadily, like the scent from your inconsiderate roommate who sucks on those disgusting cancer sticks even though you told her 12 times it screws with your asthma. Smoking in bars and restaurants, at least the ones that let in your unfashionable friend, is basically the stuff of long-ago legends at this point, with parks and beaches set to be smoke-free come summer. Now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that at least six Manhattan co-ops “are expected to ask shareholders during annual meetings this spring to vote on an all-out smoking ban that would prohibit residents from lighting up in their own homes,” with about a dozen more condo buildings or co-ops considering the very same measures.

In something of a twist, considering this is New York City, which some kids still wish was hard, “Younger residents who grew up in smoke-free public environments tend to be more anti-smoking than older residents.” Might we suggest a little pow-wow where younger people switch their American Spirits for a drag of grandpa’s Reds, creating a unified and varied front for the smokers?

“It’s the one topic, aside from bedbugs, that all co-op boards are talking about,” said a real estate attorney. (The rent, for the record, is still too damn high.)

Strict co-op rules, not to mention a small sample size of places even trying, mean there’s not too much to fear yet, for the nicotine fiends. But never underestimate the will of parents with toddlers:

A couple who live at 200 Chambers Street are suing a neighbor for up to $25,000, plus fees and damages, saying their neighbor’s smoke enters their apartment. Christian and Britt Ewen allege that the smoke caused health problems for them and their three-year-old daughter, according to the complaint.

The case was tossed out by a civil court, but don’t think the Parent Army isn’t mobilizing. The solution? Stay in shitty buildings — it’ll take decades to trickle down to those, and by then, your vice will have probably killed you.

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