Tabla Space to Become La Mar, a Peruvian Restaurant. Fiesta!


Tabla might be gone forever, but there are plans already in place for the space. Per a release, a new restaurant called La Mar from Gastón Acurio, one of Peru’s most celebrated culinary figures, will be moving into the space in August.

La Mar will offer “haute interpretations of traditional and authentic Peruvian flavors and dishes, and showcases fresh, sustainable seafood with menu highlights featuring a variety of cebiche; causas, whipped potatoes topped with seafood or vegetables; empanadas; and anticuchos, traditional Peruvian grilled skewers. The cocktail menu is built around Pisco, the national spirit of Peru.”

This marks the eighth location of La Mar, which had been looking for space in New York for some time. Its other locations are in San Francisco, Lima, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, São Paulo, Panama, and Bogotá.

New York is somewhat short on upscale Peruvian cuisine. Could this be the next big culinary trend?