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‘The Normal Heart Is Holding $10,000 in Marriage Equality Money Hostage’


That’s the contention of the Justinplusone blog, which addresses a pledge made by the imminent Broadway revival of Larry Kramer‘s powerful play about the early days of AIDS.

The producers vowed to donate $10,000 to Marriage Equality, but only if 10,000 people “LIKE” the show on Facebook by its opening.

“Stick this in the ‘disgusting and shamelessly selfish social media tactics folder,'” says blogger Justin Luke, “and then set that folder on fire.”

“10,000 Facebook fans? Really, Normal Heart?”

“Is that YOUR pound of flesh?”

“You should know better.”

Luke feels people should message the show their anger rather than click “LIKE” on their page. He even suggests starting an anti-page on FB.

The play’s publicist told me he wasn’t sure how to comment on this, but I should add that the production also pledges that a percentage of the weekly profits will go to orgs like the Actors Fund and Friends in Deed and a partnership is being set up with amfAR.

Whether you “LIKE” it or not.