This Week in the Voice: Geisha for a Month


This week in the Voice, Victoria Bekiempis writes of her month-long experience as a geisha in Midtown. Infiltrating this world of sake and karaoke, she discovers more about the men who visit the club than the persona she becomes. “It takes about three weeks for the customers to warm up to you. What [Mama-san] didn’t mention is that it also takes about three weeks for them to get grabby.” It’s a fascinating read, and you’ll also learn what a “seaweed sake” is.

It’s not seaweed sake, but Robert Sietsema tries the “stinky tofu” at Flushing’s Main Street Imperial Taiwanese Gourmet. The tofu lives up to its name, smelling “discouragingly like a mixture of poop and vomit,” but the other dishes are “unique and delectable Taiwanese fare.”

Lauren Shockey dines at NoMad (yes, this is a neighborhood)’s John Dory Oyster Bar, where she finds a mix of the “delectable” and the “disappointing.”

Nick Schager watches Limitless and finds the magic pill movie to be “an empty, one-note, satire-free fairy tale of avarice and corporate-political ambition.” But Bradley Cooper drives a sports car in it!

Elsewhere, Joe Berkowitz tracks Jon Wurster’s trajectory from Superchunk drummer to comedian with stops on The Late Show With Conan O’Brien and Tom Goes to the Mayor.

Finally, Michael Musto has had it up to here with anonymous, “mouthy web cowards.” He gleefully flips the “knee-jerk douchebag Web whiners” the bird.

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