Today in Bad Ideas: Woman Uses BBQ Grill to Heat Home


A Long Island woman is being charged with reckless endangerment for accidentally poisoning herself, her husband and three children with carbon monoxide after lighting a barbecue inside her home. The Daily News reports that Marie Claudia-Blaise reverted to the grill after she ran out of heating oil. No one died, so feel free to have a chuckle at something that appears to be straight out of the Tim “The Toolman” Taylor playbook. Actually, don’t chuckle. This is a sad story.

A mother’s family was cold, and she ran out of ways to keep them warm. While most people know not to light a BBQ inside because direct coal combustion in an enclosed space is a clear no-no, her intentions (from what is known) were pure. Give the lady a break. If she does it again, take the damn grill away from her.

Everyone has made an affront to common sense at least once in their lives. Here’s a list of things we may or may not have done that are on par with lighting a BBQ grill inside:

  • Poured hot water on an icy windshield
  • Put tinfoil in the microwave
  • Used all the smoke alarm batteries to power RC cars
  • Put RC cars in the microwave
  • Wrote ATM PIN on back of debit card
  • Brought BBQ inside in order to grill during the Super Bowl
  • Put BBQ in the microwave

Long Island mom nearly kills her family after lighting BBQ grill inside her home [NYDN]