White People Are Popular in Online Dating Because There Are So Many of Them


There’s a fun, if over-simplified, new post on the OKCupid blog, which attempts to parse the racial biases in online dating. “What If There Weren’t So Many White People?” the article asks. One answer, after a bunch of charts, graphs and diagrams, is that Asian people would receive more messages, if only the pesky white people would back off. Using “statistical models,” the OKCupid dating research section attempts to make “predominance disappear,” and finds that, despite the fact that whites get the most average monthly messages, they aren’t really the most desired.

“Asians are the most desired racial group in the country,” the article says by the end. “Then Latinos. Then whites, sort of.” But because “a huge part of the country is white, and white people mostly like to talk amongst themselves… minorities are left out in the cold.”

This is what monthly messages look like now, without accounting for population:

But the numbers also show that races prefer their own and that’s demonstrated regionally. Whites only win because of population. “In Baltimore, for example, 1 in 5 users is black, but half the messages from black people go to other black people. The rate is over twice what you’d expect.”

It’s not the most scientific study ever, but the colors are bright, the jokes are pretty funny, and it’s something worth thinking about, especially if you use online dating services. Which we would never.