Barbra Streisand: ‘The Retarded Are People Who Need People’


Yes, Barbra Streisand actually said those words in a public service commercial for the National Association for Retarded Children way back when she was an explosive star with silky voice and hair, not the fully formed legend we know and love today.

In the commercial, our diva talks about how “People” was a lucky song for her, but others aren’t quite so fortunate.

Still, she admits that thanks to various good works, wonderful things can happen, “like a little retarded boy putting on his hat and coat for the first time.”

There are so many routes I can go here, but I’m not Gilbert Gottfried, so I’ll just urge you to watch this fascinating slice of charitable history and gag to the wonders of America (though Babs has a conspicuously British accent throughout the entire 58 seconds. It’s redankulous!)