Exclusive: Logo Cancels Comedy Show


No, not the one about the A-List.

I’m talking about Jeffery & Cole Casserole, the program starring Jeffery Self and Cole Escola, which sadly won’t have a third season.

At Daniel Nardicio‘s Shit Show last night at Bowery Poets Cafe — where I appeared alongside riotous regulars Bianca Del Rio and Robbyne Kaamiil — Escola told the crowd:

“Logo saw the ratings, and it was canceled. But how many 24-year-olds can say they have a canceled show?”

I can!

Backstage, I asked Escola what he’ll be working on next.

He said that, among other things, he wants to write a musical version of an episode of Murder She Wrote with nuns!!!

I ran into the bathroom and looked up the episode, and it turns out it’s called Old Habits Die Hard, featuring Jane Powell as the Reverend Mother.

Watch out, Sister Act!

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