Japanese Nuclear Crisis Continues; It’s St. Patrick’s Day; Employees Fired for Shrink-Wrapping Co-Worker


The nuclear crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Tokyo continues. Americans within 50 miles of the plant have been told to evacuate. The Japanese government has issued an evacuation zone of 12 miles, and says that those within 20 miles should “take shelter.” Meanwhile, officials are still trying to cool the damaged reactors, using helicopters and water cannons, among other methods. [NYT]

The U.S. State Department has announced that it will make charter flights available to some 600 U.S. government personnel and family members to evacuate certain areas of Japan. [CNN]

It’s St. Patrick’s Day. This means you have any and all excuses to wear green, imitate leprechauns, get drunk, puke in the streets, and celebrate the meaning of St. Patrick’s Day, which is, basically, an Irish religious holiday that requires that you party. Oh, there will be parades. They will be shorter, if that’s the sort of thing that concerns you. [NYDN]

The TSA let another knife through — this one was packed with an apple, for a baby. By a grandma. [NYP]

Atlantic Yards may get the world’s tallest prefabricated tower. [Curbed]

Four people have been fired from a school district north of New York City for wrapping a co-worker in shrink wrap, and, of course, taking pictures and videotaping the incident, because how could you not? Apparently the “victim” was in on the joke. [NBC NY]

A Russian law has been passed that protects sleeping bears. [CD]