March Madness Day 3: At South by Southwest, They Were Into March Madness in February


Go ahead and turn Twitter off today, you’ll thank us. There will be only two types of tweets: people talking about South by Southwest (or, “South by,” if you’re an insufferable nincompoop) and people talking about March Madness. Both of them will make you very angry. Just so you don’t miss anything, here are today’s most common tweets in advance: “Uh, Ariel Pink just left the port-o-john and totally bypassed the purell station #hauntedgraffiti” and “WTF why arnt the stupid refs calling fouls on Gonzaga? #totalbszebras.”

There were two games last night, but now that the actual, true-blue March Madness is beginning, they seem pretty pointless. We’ll tell you the scores, but you’ll just forget them when the thrill-a-minute action of the tournament’s real first day starts. Here they are, sorry in advance for underwhelming you:

Texas-San Antonio 70-Alabama Sate 61
VCU 59-USC 46

Okay, let’s take a look at today’s TV schedule, shall we? Take an extra-long lunch break, go to Ruby Tuesday’s, loosen your tie, drink two buckets of Coors Light, stumble back into the office, make a pass at a co-worker and punch your boss in the face: IT’S MARCH MADNESS!

Noon: Clemson vs. West Virginia CBS
12:30 p.m. Old Dominion vs. Butler truTV
1:30 p.m. Morehead State vs. Louisville TBS
2 p.m. Penn State vs. Temple TNT
2:30 p.m. Princeton vs. Kentucky CBS
3 p.m. UNC-Asheville vs. Pittsburgh truTV
4 p.m. Richmond vs. Vanderbilt TBS
4:30 p.m. Northern Colorado vs. San Diego State TNT
6:45 p.m. UC-Santa Barbara vs. Florida TBS
7 p.m. Wofford vs. BYU CBS
7:15 p.m Bucknell vs. Connecticut TNT
7:15 p.m. Belmont vs. Wisconsin truTV
9:15 p.m. Michigan State vs. UCLA TBS
9:30 p.m. Gonzaga vs. St. John’s CBS
9:45 p.m. Missouri vs. Cincinnati TNT
9:55 p.m. Utah State vs. Kansas State truTV

Tune in tomorrow and throughout the tournament for more Runnin’ Scared coverage of March Madness!