Perfect Gay Couple Calls Digby Doll Son


“Guys and doll,” in today’s edition of the iPad newspaper The Daily, is so much better than the world’s oldest dog and all of the other dog stories combined, because it tells the gripping human interest tale of Mark Kirby and A.J. Sapolnick, whose 20-year-old son is a doll named Digby. Both men have thin, neat mustaches and expensive taste and have taken their kid on exotic vacations, only ever paying airfare for two because the third wheel of their unique familial tricycle is made of plastic. Again, his name is Digby and he’s 20-year-old.

The couple “found a vinyl baby doll” at a flea market in Paris, “took him back to their hotel, scrubbed him clean with a toothbrush and named him Digby.”

They “don’t like using the four-letter word,” they say laughing, meaning “doll,” because of his “special energy.” They go on a lot of vacations and always take pictures with Digby. The couple’s friends call them “The Digbys.” Their life is perfect.

“They are really, really loving people, and Digby gives them comfort,” says Digby’s godmother. So don’t call them crazy.

For family photos and more of this glorious story, click here. You won’t regret it.