Protest Today’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade


Today is the day when Irish people wear green, march with pride, and kick openly gay people to the curb.

It’s the disgracefully exclusive St. Patrick’s Day Parade, where the green vomit all over the streets never has a hint of lavender in it because that would somehow be too crass.

And it’s time to protest, especially since the men in blue have no problem showing up to support the green!

Go from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th streets and let them know you think the parade is a bigoted bunch of blarney.

As a release just told me:

“The parade is touted by organizers as an explicitly ‘anti-gay, Catholic’ event and has been defined in court as a ‘private, religious procession’ in order to preserve the right to exclude LGBT marchers.

“Protesters, organized by the group Irish Queers, contend that NYPD participation in such a parade is a violation of New York City’s human rights code.

” ‘Year after year, we watch thousands of uniformed NYPD participate in this anti-gay march. It reinforces everything LGBT people already fear about police: We’re not safe with them, they haven’t rejected discrimination, and they won’t object when someone else discriminates,’ said J.F. Mulligan, who plans to protest with Irish Queers.

“In advance of the parade, a group of eleven LGBT community organizations delivered a letter to NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly calling for the full withdrawal of uniformed officers from the anti-gay march. Commissioner Kelly failed to respond to a similar request made last September.”

We’re waiting, Ray.