Putz Fish & Other Delights at Main Street Imperial Taiwanese Gourmet


The so-called steam sandwich — from the dim sum menu — looks just like one of David Chang’s ssams. Wonder if that’s were he got the idea?

This week, Counter Culture bursts into Main Street Imperial Taiwanese Gourmet in the southern reaches of Flushing. Here are some of the amazing things my friends and I ate.

Also from the dim sum menu, the oyster pancake, covered with wonderful goo.

Clams with basil features licorice-y Thai basil.

Putz fish, surrounded by the pickled fruits (they look like olives, below the fish) of the manjack bush.

The exterior of Main Street Taiwanese Gourmet, with friends.


The blasé-sounding “steamed shrimp” is a pile of head-on specimens (suck the fat out of the heads!) accompanied by a killer dipping sauce.

Kidney with hot spicy sauce has none of the pissy taste kidneys sometimes do.

Ta-da! Stinky bean curd topped with a fresh kimchi-style pickle.

My crew one Sunday afternoon.