Bronx Bus Crash Driver Lied to Get a License


Ophadel Williams, the man driving during the Bronx crash that killed 15 people, used aliases and made “false statements” to get a license, the Daily News is reporting. The Department of Motor Vehicles has since suspended Williams’s driving privileges, but even before the tragedy, he shouldn’t have been allowed on the road. Using the name Eric Williams, he was already suspended from driving, having been pulled over for speeding twice in eight days and claiming he had no license on him.

“The information the DMV is referring for investigation includes driver license applications containing false statements about the status of his license and whether this was done to conceal the fact that he had been using multiple names and had a suspension under one of those names,” said a state official.

Passengers claim Williams fell asleep at the wheel, causing the bus to tip on I-95, on its way back to Chinatown from a Connecticut casino. Riders said the bus swerved “repeatedly.”

Williams was previously arrested for “unlawful possession of radio devices, aggravated unlicensed operator and for driving with a suspended license.” And before that, fare evasion, manslaughter, and grand larceny.