Brooklyn Unicyclist Fighting to Ride on Sidewalk, Seriously


Kyle Peterson, a circus performer in the Big Apple Circus, filed a $3 million lawsuit against the city in the year 2010, alleging that the two tickets he received for riding on the sidewalk were unjust becaus law prohibits sidewalk rides for any “two-or-three-wheeled device.” (A unicycle has one wheel, y’know?) That’s three million American dollars, so the city is working to have the suit thrown out, the Daily News reports today. Plus, NYC argues, Peterson “violated the spirit of the law,” meant to protect walks from anyone on any wheel(s), not to mention anyone who thinks a unicycle is an appropriate means of transportation. Or entertainment.

The city’s lawyer pretty much went off on the fool with good points like, “The difference between a bicycle and a unicycle is negligible,” and “It goes without saying that a bicycle and a unicycle are capable of traveling at high speeds.”

“The riding of a unicycle should be reserved for the circus, and not the streets of New York City,” she argued.

Peterson says cops “began singing circus music” at him during the hour he was “detained,” and though we think he should quit whining, let’s just cut the guy a break on the tickets. He claims he just wants to ride at “5 mph on an empty sidewalk at 3 in the morning,” so loneliness sounds like punishment enough.

City prepares to fight unicyclist Kyle Peterson’s suit for right to ride on sidewalks [NYDN via The L Magazine]