Inevitably, Another Grilled Cheese Truck Is Coming


A couple of weeks ago, Keith Klein, the owner of the Milk Truck, told us he was hoping to hit the road in three to four months. When he does, he’ll have some competition for his excellent grilled cheese sandwiches.

It will come courtesy of Gorilla Cheese NYC, a truck that, according to its website, is “taking comfort food and home cooking to a new level!!!” Gorilla is planning to open next month, and when it does, it will offer an extensive menu of the aforementioned creations that will include both plain old American grilled cheese and more unconventional creations, such as grilled shrimp, bacon, and gruyère on rye with chili lime butter, which honestly sounds a bit terrifying. There will also be dipping sauces, add-ons, dessert s’mores, and sides like tater tots, mac ‘n’ cheese, and chili.

If the schedule posted on the website is reliable, the truck will crisscross Manhattan seven days a week, with stops including Times Square, Fulton Street Market, Bryant Park, and Wall Street.

If its name and logo are any indication, Gorilla seems to be angling for Kong-like dairy supremacy over the city. Expect Milk Truck comparisons to abound, along with possible Gorilla-Korilla-Gorilla Coffee confusion.

[Via Eater]