Man Says He’ll Pay You $10,000 to Find Him a Wife


In need of some extra cash? Know a lot of great women, or even one, you wouldn’t mind setting up with a dude who’s offering $10,000 to whomever finds him his future wife? We’re sure you do! As for the guy, well, his name is Chas and he has a website, and even a job, which certainly makes him starter husband potential. He enjoys reading, skateboarding, music, and monkeys, and he has photos to prove it. He lives in San Francisco, wants kids, and is over 6 feet tall. And he seems to be able to spell.

From his bio:

Okay, what’s the problem? And is this for realz? We’ve gotten in touch to learn more about Chas, but in the meantime, you can contact him with descriptions of your single lady friends. Caveat venditor: Money awarded only upon marriage.