Meryl’s Other Daughter Takes New York


We’ve already seen Mamie Gummer in plays, movies, and TV shows.

But her 24-year-old sister Grace Gummer is relatively new to me, so I was curious to see her in a supporting role in the new revival of Tom Stoppard‘s Arcadia.

And she’s good!

Grace has her mother’s (and sister’s) face, but her own charm, doing well as an 18-year-old who veers between spouting her ideas on a Newtonian universe and having sex with a literary professor played by Billy Crudup.

No, she may not be as sizzling as James Franco‘s brother, lol, but give her time.

The determinism drama itself is as dry and and witty and long and trying as ever.

The set’s bare walls are no doubt a result of the fact that they have to represent two different centuries, but I have another theory.

Talented Tony winner Crudup is so over-the-top and self-consciously cute, he’s clearly chewed up the scenery! I found him pretty unbearable, I have to admit.

Or maybe he’s just responding to some preview complaints about the show’s audibility. If that’s the case, Billy, we hear you! Take it down a notch!