Michael Alig a No-Show at Nightlife Panel


Last night, I moderated a really fun and informative panel about the history of New York nightlife at the Museum of Arts and Design.

On the panel were such formidable presences as Susanne Bartsch, Hattie Hathaway, Desi Monster, and Ladyfag, all ready to share their colorful stories of life after midnight to the crowd of cute looking clubbers.

But the scheduled Michael Alig — still doing prison time for manslaughter — never materialized on the video screen via remote, as planned.

As the event organizer explained, “Michael got in trouble with the Department of Correctional Services for something, and they cut off all his contact with the outside world until he has a hearing,”

Oy. Not exactly surprising, right?

Anyway, I started the panel by saying to the crowd, “So sorry that none of us up here have committed murder, but we’ll work on that in the coming year.

“If you want your money back…you can’t!”