Guns For Girls Who Need Girlier Guns: A Review


Don’t you love when condescending “girly” marketing even extends to firearms! Our friends at the paper of record’s revamped weekend mag have a handy roundup of some of the most cloyingly “feminine” guns on the market these days, as four states now allow people to carry concealed weapons without a permit. So for those who want to carry a gun in their purse that is as cute as the purse itself, here are a few options, reviewed by yours truly:


This gun is like, “My boyfriend drove a Delorean in the 80s and I like to match my manicure to my lipstick.” It also comes in at a relatively affordable $352.

Kill Bill is your favorite movie, Marlboro Reds your preferred cigarette, Wranglers your go-to jeans.

You can’t actually buy this one; it is a one-off made for a country music star who wished to remain anonymous. Blind item alert! I’m going with LeAnn Rimes.

When “kawaii” goes too far.

“Made to ‘complete your self-defense wardrobe,'” ladies!

(All photos via New York Times)