New Jersey Man High On Bath Salts Accused of Killing Girlfriend


A 22-year-old New Jersey man charged with killing his girlfriend was allegedly high on bath salts at the time. Rutgers student Pamela Schmidt was found beaten to death in the basement of her boyfriend William Parisio’s home. Her death has led New Jersey legislators to push for a ban on bath salts, which have already been outlawed in three states. Schmidt’s father, Werner Schmidt, wants the new bill to be named “Pamela’s Law” in honor of his daughter.

Parisio’s mother told CBS that her son has a history of mental illness and substance abuse. As for the bath salts:

Parisio said when her son was using bath salts he paced back and forth, kept his head down and had a “blank, scary look on his face.”
“Paranoid like you wouldn’t believe, paranoid like I’ve never seen,” Parisio said.

Jesus. ABC talked to a 23-year-old musician who had used bath salts and told them it makes you feel anxious and bad; even he thinks the stuff should be banned. The effects of bath salts are like those related to meth, including possible hallucinations and psychotic episodes. Ban the horrible things, New Jersey!