PETA Says Knut’s Death Was Preventable


PETA, always quick to point fingers, is claiming that the sudden death at age four of Knut the polar bear was preventable. A PETA representative told TMZ that they reached out to the Berlin Zoo months ago because Knut was allegedly being “terrorized” by three female bears at the zoo. So they’re saying that it was foul play?

How does PETA propose it could have prevented Knut’s death, the cause of which is still unknown? Why don’t you guys stick to what you know: throwing red paint on people in fur and getting Waka Flocka Flame to pose nude. While Knut’s relationship with Tosca, Nancy and Katjuscha may not have been stellar, it’s a little premature to play the blame game before the postmortem is performed tomorrow.

Meanwhile, throngs of people are flocking to the Berlin Zoo to pay tribute to Knut, who had fan clubs all over the world. The zoo has never released exact figures, but it’s thought that Knut-related merchandise pulled in hundreds of thousands of euros. An impromptu memorial has been erected at his compound, where fans are leaving flowers, candles, pictures and messages for Knut.