400-Pound Sumo Wrestler Finishes Marathon, Breaks World Record


Good news! Kelly Gneiting, a former U.S. sumo champion from Arizona who weighs 400 pounds, finished the Los Angeles Marathon in 9 hours, 48 minutes, and 42 seconds on Sunday, winning himself the much-coveted Guinness World Record of “Heaviest Person to Complete a Marathon.” He jogged the first 8 miles, then walked the rest. The race was won many hours earlier by Markos Geneti of Ethiopia, who finished in slightly over 2 hours.

Via the Cleveland Leader,

Gneiting told reporters that by the time he reached the 10th mile, he had no idea where he was and became delirious. He only knew he had reached the 15th mile because his friend met him there with clean socks.

Gneiting lost nearly four pounds in the course of the marathon, which just goes to prove how unhealthy they are.

400-lb. man completes LA Marathon [ESPN]