80-Year-Old Grandma and Teenage Grandson Rescued After 9 Days in Tsunami Rubble


Here’s another bit of good news from Japan: An 80-year-old grandma and her 16-year-old grandson were rescued after 9 days spent trapped under tsunami rubble in the kitchen of their collapsed home. The teen, Jin Abe, was finally able to climb out of the wreckage on Sunday and draw the attention of rescuers. The two had survived by living on leftovers in the refrigerator. According to, “To everyone’s astonishment, the police team found Mrs. Abe alive and coherent, complete with intact spectacles, but trapped under furniture that had fallen onto her.”

From the Baltimore Sun:

A couple days after the disaster, an aunt asked police to search for the two. On Sunday, Jin’s father, Akira Abe, told reporters gathered at the hospital that he had never given up hope.

“I always believed they were alive,” he said.

Rescue efforts continue. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the National Police Agency says that 8,805 have died and 12,665 are officially missing from the catastrophe, as of Monday.