Brooklyn State Senator Kevin Parker Gets Probation For Photographer Fight


The notoriously hot-headed Brooklyn state senator Kevin Parker, who punched a cop in 2005, can finally chill out and move on today, as he’s been sentenced to three years probation for a May 2009 fight with a New York Post photographer. Parker pleaded not guilty to the charges back in the spring of 2009, when the Brooklyn D.A. attempted to bring second and third degree assault charges against the pol, which could have come with as many as seven years in prison. At the time, the Post took pleasure in noting that Parker also yelled at a security guard, just days before he grabbed the photographer’s camera and pulled a panel off of his car door. The tabloid gave him the nickname the “Flatbush Firecracker.”

When the scuffle occured, the Post was in the midst of investigating Parker’s unpaid mortgage, and was attempting to photographer the home of Parker’s parents.

The case got more complicated when it turned out that Parker’s challenger in the 2010 Democratic primary had a son in the District Attorney’s office that was prosecuting the case.

Finally, in December 2010, Parker was convicted of a misdemeanor charge and today, sentenced to the three years probation, in addition to $672 in restitution for the Post and $1,194 to the photographer for his car. More importantly, Parker was ordered to anger management classes.

State Sen. Gets Probation in Photog Scuffle [NBC NY]