Murdered Cop’s Father: ‘Shoot the Son of a Bitch’


Two days after Paul Schaberger laid his son, NYPD officer Alain Schaberger, to rest, he wrote an essay for the New York Post, which the ever callous tabloid editors entitled “”Shoot the SOB!'” as the “slain cop father’s advice to officers,” despite that not being the main point of the article at all. Schaberger’s son was killed in Brooklyn when George Villanueva allegedly shoved him from a Boerum Hill stoop while being handcuffed. “I do not have the words to explain the despair, the anguish, the sorrow, the anger that raged in me,” Schaberger’s father writes in the newspaper today.

Most of the essay is a wounded, touching account full of gratitude for the caring reaction of the police department and city as Schaberger and his wife prepared to bury their son. Before a memorial service at which Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the police commissioner spoke, Schaberger thanked the mayor for “how incredible the support had been.” Bloomberg responded, “Unfortunately, we get too much practice.”

“We are a cop’s family, we will always be a cop’s family,” Schaberger writes.

But then, true to the anger of a grieving human being, Schaberger gets inflammatory at the end. “To all the officers who supported us and to every man and woman wearing a badge, do not do this to us again, or, especially, to your own family,” he writes. “You shoot the son of a bitch, and tell the reporters to come and talk to me.” It’s a line that can leave a reader queasy for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it’s probably just what the Post wanted.

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