Never Get in a Subway Conversation With a Man Named ‘Bloody Loco’


Here is a New York story: Two strangers on the subway engage in a conversation about how hard it is to remember one’s name, even though one’s name is something quite memorable, like, perhaps, “Bloody Loco.” It is determined that a good way to remember something is to write it down. It is also determined that a good way to become instantly terrified on the subway is to make eye contact with someone who goes by the name of Bloody Loco, because he will surely talk at you and curse and spit a lot while everyone else on the train prays silently and plans their immediate exit off the train A-fuckin-SAP.

We must give kudos to the blue-sweatered guy, who pulls his responses off with style and grace, all the while pretending to read a book. (Also, that color blue is marvelous on you.) Bloody Loco, please stop yelling, you are making our heads hurt, and we are weary.

[via Animal NY]