No Press Tickets to Charlie Sheen’s Tour?


It might be shaping up that way.

I just asked Charlie’s publicist for press tickets to cover the My Violent Torpedo of Truth tour when it comes to Radio City in April — could any sane pop cultural reporter afford to miss this thing? — and he said he’d try, but he doesn’t think there will be media tickets for the show.

Can you blame them?

After all:

(A) Charlie doesn’t exactly need any help in generating press these days. He opens his mouth, and 800 camera crews jump in. Why invite reporters when Sheen couldn’t possibly get any more coverage if he tried?

(B) Not handing out press comps is a way to save cash so Charlie will have even more bundles to spend on whores, prescriptions, and alimony.

(C) This show might not exactly be the kind of thing you’d want people to come in and review. Driving Miss Daisy it’s not, unless Miss Daisy is a prostitute and he’s driving her to the booze and drug emporium.

But despite everything I may have written, I am suddenly more desperate to see this thing than anything since Disney on Ice.

Get me press comps!!