Park Slope Is ‘Not Really Brooklyn’ Says Man Who Runs Large International Chain


Taking the concept of gentrification to a rather weird place, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has been caught dissing Park Slope by calling it “not really Brooklyn.” What is Brooklyn? According to Schultz, who grew up in Canarsie, Bensonhurst counts. But if the CEO of Starbucks, the least Brooklyn of coffees, is calling a place in Brooklyn “not really Brooklyn,” does that mean that Park Slope is actually more Brooklyn than anywhere else in Brooklyn?

These are things to consider while waiting in line for your tall chai latte.

In other Starbucks news, it seems that burning someone by throwing a cup of boiling water at them while shouting “Catch the cup!”, giving them an alleged rash, except all that might be made up, that’s Brooklyn. Or maybe it’s Manhattan. Hey, does your coffee taste burned?

[FT via The L Magazine]