Tim Pawlenty’s Exploratory Committee is the Most Inspiring Exploratory Committee


The above video is an announcement from former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty: He’s forming an exploratory committee for the 2012 presidential race. Have you ever been more moved by a man bravely announcing his courageous decision to form a team of advisers and pollsters to determine the viability of a run for office based on a series of analytical observations and compounded opinion? If you can watch this without crying, you’re worse than Castro, commie.

The video has it all:

  • Black and white pictures of stockyards
  • Unattended, swinging assembly line control switches
  • Handshaking; both standard grip and blue-collar angled grasp
  • Flags
  • Microscopes
  • Purebred Golden Retriever
  • Hair-tussling of a towheaded boy
  • Hockey
  • Cozy-looking red fleece pullover
  • Reagan wearing suit
  • Fighter jets
  • Reagan wearing scarf

Most importantly, there’s the tagline: “Join the team and together we’ll restore America.”

(Unless my exploratory committee decides that 2016 is a safer bet.)

Tim Pawlenty Exploratory Committee for President of the United States Visual Announcement [Vimeo via MinnPost]