You Can Battle Your Parking Tickets Online Now


Guess what? There’s a new way to contest that ticket that you got for something you totally did but don’t actually want to pay and think you can talk your way out of if only the right people would listen, and it is online. This will make your complaint-based life so much more efficient. This new program, announced today, provides an online database through which you can “submit written rebuttals and upload evidence, such as snapshot of the car in question,” reports the New York Times City Room blog. Isn’t that handy?

As described somewhat opaquely on the site, NYCServ is “your New York City ‘e-Service’, ‘hearing by web’, and information center…here to serve you online at all times, except during our maintenance periods: 1:00 AM – 2:15 AM nightly and Sundays 5:00AM – 10:00 AM.”

“It means that you won’t have to zip out of work to contest a parking ticket on your lunch hour,” Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said at a City Hall news conference. “You won’t have to spend time on weekends making photocopies and stapling documents to dispute your ticket by mail.”

Whew, we are so ready for our weekends to be free from photocopying and stapling!

Along with parking tickets, the site lets you handle all manner of city annoyances, property taxes, health violations, water charges, and more.

Of course, given typical government bureaucracy and the occasional effectiveness of showing up in person to deal with various things, this may or may not ultimately benefit you, but at least it’s a step. As for your likelihood of getting a ticket dismissed, nearly half generally are, eventually. Perseverance pays. And when it doesn’t, you can pay your tickets online, too. Progress.

Go Online, Not Downtown, to Fight a Parking Ticket [City Room]