430 Times Normal Radiation Near Fukushima Nuclear Plant; Indian Point Operators Consider Changes; William Shatner Is 80


Soil tested 25 miles from Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant on Monday had radiation at “430 times normal levels” as reported by Japan’s Science Ministry. Tokyo Electric’s executive VP has visited evacuees in the area to apologize for the situation. In addition, it seems that multiple reactors are more damaged than initially thought. The current death toll from the earthquake and tsunami is 9,080, with 13,561 missing and 2,675 injured. [CNN]

Operators of Indian Point nuclear plant, located 35 miles north of Midtown, say they don’t “expect” a disaster of the magnitude of that facing Japan, but that they will likely implement some regulatory changes (although they don’t know what, yet). John McCann, vice president of nuclear safety and licensing for Entergy, said the plant “had been designed to withstand an earthquake much stronger than any on record in the region” — though not as powerful as Japan’s. [NYT]

A 35-year-old mom and her 11-year-old son have been arrested as a pickpocketing team. Carolyn Taylor allegedly prompted her kid to steal a wallet from a baby stroller at Gap Kids, which is all sorts of poetic. There’s surveillance footage of them at another store as well. The family that shoplifts together…[NBC NY]

Breaking! People don’t like it when people eat on the subway. The New York Daily News tested this, with a “lunch of curried fried shark,” and found it to be true. Fortunately for all of those people, the MTA is considering a ban on food and drinks on the subway, which we always thought was sort of implicit, but anyway. [NYDN]

This Friday marks the 100-year anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory tragedy, in which 146 people, many of them young, immigrant women, died when flames overtook the factory. The deadly incident changed the face of workers’ rights. There are commemorative events scheduled all week. [The Lo-Down]

The U.S. government has launched a URL shortener that’s accessible to the public. It’s called [TPM]

William Shatner is 80. Jesus. [Wired]