Cocktail Geeks Rejoice! Tonight Bittermens Launches Amor y Amargo, a Bitters Tasting Room


When Janet and Avery Glasser set up shop in New York earlier this winter, their new Burlesque Bitters weren’t the only thing they were bringing with them. They, with their friends at DeRossi Global (the crew behind Cienfuegos, Mayahuel, Death & Co., and many more), have created Amor y Amargo (Love and Bitters), a new pop-up concept in the former Carteles sandwich shop.

Amor y Amargo, whose grand opening is tonight at 5, will serve as a mixed-use space and will also be the first branded shop for Bittermens. A tasting room will allow people to sample dozens of different bitters from around the world, ranging from classic Italian amaros to monastic French liqueurs. Cocktails with a bitter edge like Negronis will also be available for tippling.

“The tasting room is a casual space where you can enjoy vermouth, bitter cocktails, and sample a wide range of bitters. For the first week, it will be mostly me making the drinks and Janet running the bar, with Mayur Subbarao, the beverage director for Cienfuegos and El Cobre and the creator of the house vermouths, filling in,” noted Avery Glasser. He added that the shop will also sell an array of cocktail equipment, their bitters, books, and a select group of other bitters. And although the shop is only open from Tuesdays through Saturdays, he added that their goal is “to expand to seven days a week in April.”

Finally, classes (“Exploring Aged Spirits” and “Exploring Modifiers,” for example) will also help acclimate the neophyte into the big, bad world of cocktails. Nothing bitter about that.