Don’t Weigh Yourself Every Day!


That’s what a tablemate at the IFC upfront lunch at the Ace Hotel told me when I casually mentioned that I’d just bought a scale at Walgreen’s.

The woman wisely said that the scale could easily start to drive you nutto if you slavishly live by its pronouncements.

And I’m nutto enough, thank you.

So rather than wake up every morning and gird your loins onto the scale, one should calmly wait a week for each weigh-in.

“Do it, let’s say, every Monday morning,” the woman (who’s thin and willowy, by the way) recommended, from experience.

(And if there’s still no change, I guess make it an annual occurrence — and then maybe every decade.)

“But I mainly want to lose facial weight,” I cried. “Is there a face scale?”

There isn’t, it turns out, but my guru advised that I eat lots of foods with water, like lettuce and cucumbers, to flush me the heck out.

Oh, goodie. Those will go great with my wild boar parmigiana hero with waffle fries.

Can’t wait till next Monday morning!