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Harriet Halloway Kills With Comedy


Downtown fave Harriet Halloway “is a six-foot, blonde, buxom, former burlesque dancer-turned-comedian.

“Her shows touch upon issues relating to sex, alcoholism, sex, crippling loneliness, more alcohol and sex. All topics gay men love most!”

Harriet is bringing her all-star stand-up comedy show Waiting to Inhale to Gotham Comedy Club (208 West 23rd Street) March 24 at 8:30 p.m., and it’s her special birthday performance!

As a gift to herself — and her audience — she graciously agreed to answer these questions for me, in between sips of a virgin Mai Tai.

Me: Hi, Harriet. You look a bit like a taller Britney Spears. Any relation?

Harriet: Is a pig’s pussy pork?

Me: What’s your best joke?

Harriet: Oh, Mikey, my life is a just one big colossal joke. Come pay 15 bux and hear ’em all! I’m no boob!

Me: What was the toughest crowd you were ever up against and how did you get through it?

Harriet: A room at the YMHA in Wayne, New Jersey. Bunch of blue-haired Jews, really horrible mic, they couldn’t hear and were offended by my dick jokes. I just started doing crowd work and one-liners and I eventually won them over…kinda…not really…ok, I bombed, but I KILLED in the greenroom!

Me: Well, for the record, I love blue-haired Jews. Anyway, what has comedy done for you and vice versa?

Harriet: Comedy has allowed me to be myself. I’m not a “type” when I’m onstage…I just get to be purely and utterly Harriet, which is nice. What have I done for comedy!? Only time will tell, but I’m gonna be huge! Well, I’m already huge, but I’m gonna be a STAR, DADDY!