John Leguizamo Was Slapped by Sean Penn, Steven Seagal, and Patrick Swayze


And Kurt Russell!

According to the Hispanic fireball’s new Broadway one-man show, Ghetto Klown, all those stars hit him on various movie sets, usually because Leguizamo was trying to jazz up the script and ad lib so he could become more of a breakout star.

The guy was punched around more than certain pop stars!

On one movie, he complained to Seagal that he wanted to change his role, to which Seagal responded, “I’m in command” and ended up getting physical to prove it (before traipsing off “like a girly-girl,” according to Leguizamo.)

On the same film, our star ad-libbed anyway, prompting co-star Kurt Russell to say, “Your ad-libs make me sick, John. Be a man and stick to the script.” That led, of course, to a shoving match that went on so long they almost got overtime pay.

In a certain drag movie with a long name, a fully dolled up Patrick Swayze tried to kick Leguizamo’s ass over the very same routine, as Wesley Snipes told “Legs” he had his back.

And years before that, when Sean Penn slapped Leguizamo during Casualties of War, at least it was in the script — though Penn insisted on doing it with an extra sadistic force, again and again.

“Sean Penn doesn’t believe in stage combat,” smirks Leguizamo in his show. “Because he really believes he’s a G.I. in fucking Viet Nam in 1969!”

At least director Brian De Palma proved to be concerned about the violence. According to Leguizamo, he jumped in and asked, “Sean, is your hand all right?”