Justin Bond Is Now Mx. Justin Vivian Bond


And Mx. Bond is referred to as “V” instead of he/she or him/her.

Mx. Bond, of course, is the prodigiously talented singer/comic who was half of Kiki & Herb, the duo that came to Broadway in 2007 and strangely lost the Tony to another duo, a guy and his resentful puppet.

V’s first solo album, Dendrophile, is described in the press release like so:

“Sex, gender, and sexuality are foremost themes of the album and important parts of Bond’s preoccupation with nature.

“Bond is particularly interested in queer, specifically transgendered, identity, which V has embraced in V’s transition to the mixed-gender Mx. Justin Vivian Bond.”

Looks like Mx. Bond is really mx.ing it up!