MTA Considers Banning Food, Spaghetti Fights on Subway


Although that video of two woman fighting over spaghetti on a crowded subway car was certainly a fun (if slightly unsettling) way to waste four minutes, the MTA is not amused.

Per NBC New York, an MTA board member has introduced the idea of banning food and drink on the subway. Food, the argument goes, leads not only to highly entertaining YouTube videos, but also to rats and track fires. The latter caused some 600 train delays in January, and apparently the MTA cleans 90 tons of trash out of the tracks every day.

Although a food ban would put New York one perilous step closer to resembling Washington, D.C., it might also put an end to those guys who flick their sunflower seeds all over the floor and the Styrofoam containers full of half-eaten drumsticks that tend to languish beneath the seats, emitting their distinctive odors for all to enjoy. Whatever the case, the ban at this point is only so much talk, and if the precedent set by the MTA’s short-lived 2005 beverage ban is any indication, we’ll be dumping pasta on one another for the indefinite future.

[Via Grub Street]