Premiere: Thursday, “No Answers”


On April 12th, Epitaph will release No Devolución, the sixth album from New Jersey basement warriors turned post-hardcore poster-children Thursday. Like their once-howling peers Cave In, the band’s increasingly gone the mellow route–more singing, less screaming, more atmospherics and space, less claustrophobic heartbreak. “There are definitely going to be at least a few fans that are like, ‘This isn’t what I want from Thursday,'” frontman Geoff Rickly told Spin last month. “Half the reason we picked the album title is because it means, in Spanish, ‘no returns.’ As in, ‘No returns, cause if you buy it, you got it!'” (The double entendre of title is surely no accident either.) First single “Magnets Caught In A Metal Heart” was a math-y, slightly mournful bit of post-rock that recalled both the Smashing Pumpkins and ’90s emo of the Piebald and Cap’n Jazz ilk; “No Answers,” which we have below, is a more reflective, keyboard-heavy affair, alternately fatigued and pleasantly nostalgic–two modes that suit a band that’s been doing it as long as Thursday has.

Download: [audio-1]

The band cites, as usual, a couple literary totems as inspiration for No Devolución–Cormac McCarthy and Don Delillo–whose expansive and removed modes seem about right for the record; doing a split with the Japanese post-rock outfit Envy a few years back probably didn’t hurt either. Mia Pearlman-designed cover and the record’s tracklist, right here:

No Devolución
Fast to the End
No Answers
A Darker Forest
Sparks Against the Sun
Open Quotes
Past and Future Ruins
Magnets Caught in a Metal Heart
Empty Glass
A Gun in the First Act
Turnpike Divides
Stay True