Watch: Baths Covers LCD Soundsystem, Joins Tradition of “All My Friends” Reinterpretations


Baths cover LCD Soundsystem

Let’s face it: “All My Friends” is a nearly flawless song that could stand alone as the best track from LCD Soundsystem’s three studio albums. That fact, however, has not stopped about a thousand different cover versions from hitting the internet, from professionals and common-folk alike. The latest to join this group is the quiet-electronics solo artist Baths, whose cover of the song is featured on The A.V Club‘s “AV Undercover Series 2.” The Baths cover borrows the piano from the original, and not much else, as Will Wiesenfield turns the song into even more of a ballad, filling the sonic spaces that previously housed guitars and drums with silence and drumming-on-legs (courtesy of Dexter Tortoriello from Houses). Not satisfied with just one cover version of “All My Friends”? Here are a couple of the more famous versions, along with the best of the best from YouTube archives.

John Cale, yes THAT John Cale, brings his signature voice to the track, while simultaneously replacing the original’s keyboard fetish with a rolling drumbeat, making it that much grittier:

Franz Ferdinand also takes a crack at roughing up James Murphy’s version, turning it into a rock anthem that trades delicate keys and dancing for crunchy guitars and headbanging:

YouTube user thebigdale (who sounds freakishly like Mr. Murphy) busts out a completely piano-based cover of the track, which highlights both his close approximation of the song as well as the repetitively addicting nature of the main melody:

Of course, no one reinterprets James Murphy better than James Murphy, as evidenced by this live take on “All My Friends”:

On that note, see you all next week (but probably not at MSG).