Witness: An Impromptu Subway Dance Party


Is this video of a subway dance party, taken on an L platform — it’s always the L — on a recent Saturday night, fun or lame? Would you squeeze past these shiny happy strutty people with a look of annoyance and superiority, vexing the repetitive live band stylings that bear a surprising kinship to the guttural moans of a dying water buffalo, and you are just trying to get home, for the love of God? Or would you, perhaps, join in?

[via NYC The Blog]

The latest in NYC the Blog’s subway video entries is either too adorable for words or insufferably annoying. We can’t say which, as we haven’t quite had enough coffee yet, so we’ll let you decide. It’s less annoying than Bloody Loco, anyway.

It’s getting to the point where we’ll do just about anything on the subway, and YouTube it, huh?