Anthony Weiner is Taking Questions on Reddit


To mark the 1st anniversary of President Barack Obama’s health care reform, Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York’s 9th congressional district is taking questions on the popular social news site Reddit. The “IAmA” section, which has been home to people dying (but actually lying) and Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings (really!), allows a person of interest to interact with anonymous internet posters in a public forum. Call it a 2011 town hall meeting, but with more nerds (and almost all boys). Weiner’s thread is titled “IAmA Democrat Who Fights, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY). AMA,” which stands for “ask me anything,” and he’ll be back at 5:30 p.m. to respond to the highest rated questions.

“I have been in contact with Congressman’s office and can confirm that this is legit,” confirms a Reddit moderator.

“Do you support Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and Bradley Manning?” one person asks to a lot of up-votes, meaning the site’s readers approve of the query. Other highly ranked questions touch on Obama’s performance so far, the state of Israel and the much-discussed bike lanes.

For now, the community seems to be controlling themselves with it comes to the expected questions about legalizing marijuana and wiener jokes. Ah, wait, there’s one. Still, someone give a raise to whichever Weiner intern pitched this idea. Tune in tonight for the answers.