Caorunn Launches in New York with the Big Apple Cocktail Contest


You’ve gotta pity the gin maker in Scotland. That’s kind of like being the person selling sugar-free sweets in Candyland. But Caorunn, a new small-batch gin, hails proudly from the land of Fair Isle sweaters. And it is making its American debut here in New York City. To celebrate, they’re creating a special Big Apple-oriented cocktail contest.

Unfortunately the contest is only limited to bartenders or mixologists employed in New York City, and requires that the cocktail be uniquely “New York” in flavor and character, as well as able to bring the Coul blush apple botanical (one of the five main flavorings in the gin, along with rowan berry, bog myrtle, dandelion, and heather) to life. Hint: You probably don’t want to make an apple martini. The winner gets a trip to Tales of the Cocktail, a/k/a the best boozy party disguised as a conference. Details can be found on the company’s website. And for everyone else, well, maybe this a good excuse to find a bartending job.